TB Photography & Videography consists of Tanya and Mike

“We don’t consider ourselves as just photographers, but rather a dynamic team who are passionate about the service we are able to provide each and every customer that we have the privilege of working with.”

“Photography & Videography is one of our passions and telling your story through our camera lens is our vision”.

Tanya is a country girl from NSW, who grew up close to her Father, who traveled with his work. She developed a love of photography from a very young age. The country was a great setting for creative and inspirational shots. .

Mike being a South Australian boy all his life, has grown up in this gorgeous part of the country. As a young boy grew into a love for music and seeing live music across Australia. An avid sports man and water sport lover all his life and after meeting Tanya it was only logical that photography would firmly embed itself in these activities. It is from this that Mike developed a passion for capturing the ultimate action shot.

“We make a great team in all areas of our photography, we both have a different eye for that perfect shot, from being able to encapsulate both the feminine and masculine emotion of your special day, through to knowing that perfect time to capture the passion on a musicians face on stage. “

We are available Australia and Worldwide.  We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can customise a package that works best for your photography needs and budget.